Free clothes donation collection for children’s charity in south west london

You might have come across a truck driving through the neighborhood or bins set up in parking lots of shops or stores for the collection of old clothes. This is an indication that there are some benefits associated with donating clothes to charity versus simply disposing or throwing them away. The best clothes to donate are ones that are not worn out or damaged; they may be items you have not worn for some while. You can put them to better use by donating them to “Little Lives UK – Children’s Charity located in South West London. In this post, we are going to look at the importance of donating children clothes for charity and how the “Little Lives UK” will be of great help to you. They are as follows;

You are helping People who cannot afford to buy clothes and other items for their kids.

“Little Lives UK – Children’s Charity” typically provide the only way the disadvantaged and other less-privileged people can afford clothes. This organization could not afford to discharge their duty without your donated clothing items. They support a number of community projects and organizations like homeless shelters, family emergency services, and rehabilitation centers.

You are helping disaster victims.

Though some organizations prefer cash to aid efforts of disaster relief, clothing donations can also help. Instead of you to donate directly to such organization, choose a reputable organization like the “Little Lives UK” that helps disaster survivors. They run an active program to relieve disaster victims. If you want to donate clothes to help disaster survivors, you can call them for this purpose. The organization will come to your house to pick up the clothing items; they will sort it, package it and distribute to the disaster survivors.

You are helping people with disease.

Free clothes donation for charity helps to raise funds for health organizations used in fighting certain diseases. The donated clothing goes toward fundraising. “Little Lives UK” will use the fund raised to fight diseases like kidney problem, liver problem, etc, by setting up early screening and other education programs.

You are keeping your house organized.

Living in a state of clutter and chaos can be a detriment to your emotional health. If you’re always late to work because you cannot find a particular clothing, then your house is highly cluttered. You will need the service of “Little Lives UK” to help you unclutter and organize your house.


Charitable giving and donation of clothes can be beneficial emotionally, psychologically, and socially. “Little Lives UK – Children’s Charity”   provide free home charity collection from areas such as Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Merton, and Richmond. They collect clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, books, bric-a-brac, DVDs, CDs, children’s toys, cameras, collectibles and small electrical items. You can contact them through this link –

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