Workplace Massage

If your company isn’t one of the many Fortune 500 and small businesses that offer Chair Massage to you, then you probably don’t even know this exists. Chair Massage is fairly obscure. Maybe you’ve seen it at your local mall? The person receiving the massage sits in a chair, remaining fully clothed and no oil is used.

In the workplace, employees usually get anywhere from five to twenty minute massages. Even five minutes helps! Usually, the company pays. But sometimes the employees pay, with the company providing the space. Studies show that massage therapy, even for a few minutes, can greatly improve mood, cognition, and various markers for stress in the blood and brainwaves.

Image a world without stress. OK, maybe a little less ambitious. How about an office without stress? It isn’t going to happen. So the solution is to have a corporate wellness program. If you have three employees, it’s appropriate, just as much as if you had three hundred and three. Everyone needs to de-stress. Workplace Massage helps most people to do just that.

If you’re not the company owner or manager, I suggest making a suggestion. Leave a note. Mail a letter. Somehow, let the boss know about chair massage. Of course, back it all up with studies. Look up “massage study abstracts” on Google. That should provide you with more than enough material to get your manager or supervisor seriously considering chair massage.

And, if you are the owner or manager, listen carefully: You will see bottom-line returns. Chair Massage helps employees feel better about the company, and have less stress. This results in fewer sick days and higher productivity. Loyalty to your company should be another factor that isn’t quantified, yet cannot be denied as another benefit of workplace massage.

In summary, keep in mind that chair massage is a positive development in the corporate landscape. Many noted companies, even the one that keeps the Google search engine running, Alphabet, Inc., rely heavily on Chair Massage as a part of their corporate wellness program. It’s a different approach to wellness, but it works.

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